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Back Pain Therapy in Freehold, NJ

Back pain chiropractic care from Dr. Brian Schubel can help relieve chronic or acute discomfort. We are dedicated to helping our patients find the root cause of an ailment, and work to correct it using tried techniques here in Freehold, NJ. Living with any kind of aches or pains can be a major distraction from almost anything in your life. Let us help by creating a customized treatment program designed for your body.

We are dedicated to finding relief for our valued patients in Freehold and the surrounding areas. Using the latest diagnostic methods and techniques, we will strive to find the root cause of any issues. Once the problem has been found we will work to correct any problems and free you from discomfort. If you have been living with an injury for a period of time you may have considered many options. We strive to help you live a normal life without needing harsh medication or potentially dangerous surgery.

You don't have to live with pain. Contact the Freehold, NJ, back pain chiropractic specialists from Dr. Brian Schubel to start developing personalized therapy treatments tailored to your specific needs today. Our Freehold, NJ, patients are our number one priority at all times. Call our friendly helpful, staff to schedule an appointment or stop by our modern facility to learn more about our available services.